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“I have know and worked with John for over ten years. We have worked on numerous cases together. Not only does John bring legal intelligence to the cases he works on, he also brings something quit rare in the legal profession…wisdom. John represents and advises his clients with a perspective few lawyers possess.” Matt Dunaway has practiced for many years in Alabama and has had dealings with many lawyers so his kind words are very much appreciated.… (Read more)

Birmingham Attorney Matthew Dunaway About Elder Law Attorney John Watts

I received this very nice compliment from Nevada attorney Dorothy Bunce and hope that what we are doing on this website lives up to her kind remarks…. John Griffin Watts is the kind of lawyer we all aspire to be & I am honored to have the opportunity to offer him my endorsement… (Read more)

Lawyer Dorothy Bunce About Elder Lawyer John Watts

Ronald Sykstus is a well known bankruptcy and VA benefits lawyer in Huntsville, Alabama and he gave this very nice testimonial: John Watts is a top notch lawyer. He is smart, compassionate, precise, and personable. He is able to very quickly decipher legal situations and boil them down to very basic elements and find solutions. He takes great care of his clients and is universally well-liked and respected.… (Read more)

Military Lawyer Ronald Sykstus Who Endorses Elder Law Attorney John Watts

I have worked closely with Bill Miller who is a great elder law attorney in Anniston, Alabama.  We have worked on a number of projects together and he was kind enough to give me this testimonial. I endorse this lawyer. John is very knowledgeable and takes and puts his client’s interests first.… (Read more)

Anniston Elder Law Attorney Bill Miller Who Endorses Elder Law Attorney John Watts In Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John for quite some time now and have worked with him with mutual clients and on other joint projects. I’ve always found him to possess the perfect blend of legal talent, experience and creativity. His clients love him and trust his judgment. In fact, they’re not just clients — they are raving fans. But that’s to be expected when you have a lawyer like John on your side. John speaks to his clients in plain English. No… (Read more)

Davis Nelson –Elder Law Lawyer — Who Endorses John Watts of Watts & Herring