Qualify for VA “Aid and Attendance”

Alabama veterans who received an honorable discharge and who served during a time of war (WW II, Korean War, Vietnam or Gulf War) and who are disabled or 65 may be entitled to receive up to over $2000 a month in tax free benefits. This can be used to pay for home health or the cost of an assisted living facility and can slow down or stop the path to having to enter a nursing home.

Read our articles and watch our videos to find out more about this wonderful benefit that unfortunately only about 10% of eligible veterans receive.

You may want to start with our article “FAQ on Aid and Attendance for Alabama Veterans”.

FAQ on VA Pension (Aid and Attendance) for Alabama Veterans

FAQ on VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) for Alabama Veterans

The VA Aid &FAQ on VA Pension (Aid and Attendance) for Alabama Veterans Attendance (Special Pension) is a remarkable benefit for Alabama veterans and widows of veterans.

There is not much known about this benefit by many veterans.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few scams out there and then simply inaccurate information is constantly being repeated.

So we have made this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer as many of the questions that may be on your mind … (Read more)

Concerned About How To Pay For Long Term Care in 2019? Start Here.

Are You Struggling To Figure Out How To Pay For Long Term Care For A Loved One In A Nursing Home?

long term careWe often think that Alabama Medicaid is the only way to pay for nursing home for our spouse or parent.

However, Medicaid is simply one solution among a number of solutions.

To properly determine how to pay for nursing home care, we have to look at the risk and then all of the options before we can adopt a … (Read more)

42 minute interview of John Watts by Davis Nelson on the VA Pension (Aid & Attendance)

You are here because you want to learn more about the remarkable VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) benefit that can pay war time veterans up to $25,000 a year tax free.  We hope you find this 42 minute video of John Watts helpful as in the interview you will learn the following:

  • What is the VA Aid & Attendance benefit
  • Who does it help (veterans and widows)
  • The three requirements to receive this benefit
  • How do you qualify under the
(Read more)

What is “asset protection” and why it applies to more than just the super wealthy

Defenition of risk“Asset protection” is for almost everyone, regardless of your age or financial condition.  While this is a phrase that often makes us think of:

  • Super wealthy
  • Hiding assets
  • Doing something wrong

While sometimes those thoughts are correct, they are not what my financial protection firm means when we use the expression “asset protection.”  Let me explain.

Asset protection simply means protecting your assets from creditors and predators who have no right to your assets.

This includes protecting assets from being … (Read more)

“How does the VA Pension help pay for assisted living?”

As we age, going to an assisted living facility can be an excellent choice with many advantages.  But nothing is free in life so there is a cost.

The cost we’ll discuss in this article is the financial cost and how using the VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) can make this cost doable so you get all the advantages of an assisted living facility without the financial worry and stress.

“What does an assisted living facility cost in Alabama?”

Typically … (Read more)

Free workshop on estate planning and elder law in Birmingham on October 2 at 2pm

We wanted to let you know we are having a free workshop (“The 7 Threats to Your Estate Plan”) at our Birmingham office on October 2, 2014, at 2 pm.

This is a free workshop where we are confident you will learn a lot and have some fun doing so.  🙂

The subjects of estate planning and elder law are not normally the most exciting topics to think about but they are important.

And we can discuss these in … (Read more)

“I know Medicaid has a look back rule for several years when you transfer property – what about the VA?”

If you apply for Medicaid, and you qualify for Medicaid, then Medicaid looks back five years (60 months) and says, “Okay. You qualify. You made the health, the financial, all the requirements of Medicaid. But did you make any gifts in the last five years? Did you give away anything?”

If you did, then there are going to be some penalties involved. When I say “gift,” you transfer property and did not get the full fair market value. So you … (Read more)