Will my parents get bad care in a nursing home if they’re covered by Alabama Medicaid?

Providing long term careWhen you’re dealing with Alabama Medicaid and deciding where your parents should be, you may wonder, “Will they get bad care because they’re under Alabama Medicaid?”

The simple answer is no.

This question usually comes up because we tend to think of Alabama Medicaid as being “lousy.”

Or we don’t want our parents to be on Medicaid.

The truth is that nursing homes are expensive, and Medicaid pays for about 75% of long term nursing home residents.

Most nursing homes accept Medicaid and private pay.

Alabama Medicaid does not affect the type of care your parents receive.

However, there is something you can do that affects their care.

The key to making sure they receive good care is to visit them when they’re in the nursing home.

The staff at the nursing homes will notice this, and they will work harder to provide good care if someone is there to check in on our parents.

If you personally can’t visit them, make sure that either family or friends are able to visit with your parents.

Just remember: Alabama Medicaid will not be the reason your parents get bad care.

This isn’t legal advice, but practical advice for you to consider when you’re trying to decide what the best option is for your parents.

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