What two groups can be helped by the VA Pension (Aid & Attendance)?

The VA Pension or “Aid & Attendance” is designed to specifically help two groups of people:

The benefit is not designed for children of war time veterans who need help.  It is only for the war time veteran or the widow (surviving spouse) of a war time veteran.

The practical effect, however, is to help the whole family as when a loved one needs significant care then the whole family can be impacted.  So obtaining this benefit, which can pay around $25,000 a year to a married veteran ($13,000 a year to a widow), can greatly help the whole family by making it possible to get the loved one the care that is needed.

If your loved one lives in Alabama and you have questions about whether they may be qualified for this benefit, or you want to prepare now to be qualified in the future, give us a call at 205-879-2447 or contact us online.  We can set up a meeting or send you a free information package about this benefit.

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