“Why do people not plan for the future of needing long term care?”

“Why do people not plan for the future of needing long term care?”

"Why do people not plan for the future of needing long term care?"Why do people not plan for the future?

There’s pretty a good chance we’re going to need long term care if we live long enough, and it’s very expensive so why don’t we plan for it?

I think there are a few reasons.

One, we don’t really like to think about long term care.

People are not just jumping up and down with joy when they think, “I should buy life insurance,” because that makes them think about dying.

We don’t want to picture ourselves in a nursing home so we avoid thinking of long-term care.

The other thing is that we can have all the facts in front of us, but that does not mean we’re going to make the right decision.

If I could say it this way, we very rarely act logically.

We are not purely logical creatures here.

If we acted logically, then would we ever eat food that’s not good for us?


Would we ever drink anything we shouldn’t drink?


Would we fail to get just the perfect amount of sleep that we need?


Would we ever skip going to the gym or doing yoga or just going for a walk around the neighborhood?


Why do we do all those things, then?

Because sometimes we say, “I want to stay up late,” or “I don’t feel like going to the gym,” or “This food makes me feel good. Even though I know, intellectually, that it’s bad, it really makes me feel good.”

So we don’t always do things based on logic.

So we need to make sure we talk with someone who can share the logical and emotional reasons why we need to face whatever challenges the future holds.

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-John G. Watts

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