“If I’m 40 should I buy long term care insurance?”

“If I’m 40 should I buy long term care insurance?”

"If I'm 40 should I buy long term care insurance?"This is a great question and we have to look at the answer from a practical viewpoint.

First, it is smart to consider preparing for the unfortunate event of needing long term care.

Second, is it something that you can afford?

If you can afford it and it’s a good logical thing for you to do, then sure buy the insurance.

But it goes with what I was saying before.

Ultimately, we have to make choices.

We do not have unlimited resources.

How safe do you want to be in your house?

I have a schnauzer, who’s a regular watchdog.

It would be better if I had a pit bull.

It would probably be better if I had ten pit bulls.

If I had ten pit bulls in my house, if anybody broke into my house, do you think they would get away with anything?

I don’t think they would, but I really don’t want to have ten dogs in my house.

I think the long-term care insurance is great.

Also, I think everybody ought to look into it and investigate it.

But again, we have to say to ourselves, “Practically, what is it that I can do?”

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