VA Benefits: What Is Difference In Service Related and Non-Service Related Benefits?

VA Benefits:  What Is Difference In Service Related and Non-Service Related Benefits?

Sometimes words used by the VA are confusing and especially when we talk about receiving VA benefits.

Two terms we want to look at are VA benefits for (1) service related injuries and (2) non service related VA Pension – also known as “aid and attendance” benefits.

If you, as a veteran, suffered a service related injury then you will receive a “rating” of some percentage. It might be 20% or 70% or 100%. This may entitle you to receive benefits on a monthly basis.

These service related benefits are not reduced because of your income or assets.

Instead, the benefits are based upon your level of service related disability.  And the injury or disease must have been caused (or contributed to) by your military service.

So being wounded and having a permanent injury would qualify.

Being exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam would qualify if you have certain types of diseases.

But what if you were not injured in your service but now you find yourself needing help — maybe due to a stroke or some other cause?  Can you get help?

Yes — this is the VA Pension or “Aid & Attendance”….

VA Pension or “aid and attendance” is different from service related disabilities — it is based on assets and income and it is not related to your service.

Veteran pension (not “retirement” — it’s just what it is called) or “aid and attendance” is for veterans who qualify and who are 100% disabled or over the age of 65.

The VA considers any veteran 65 or older to be 100% disabled for this benefit (but not for the service related benefit).

If you meet these basic requirements, then the VA looks at your level of assets and income to see if you qualify.

Your assets or income may prevent you from qualifying.

If this is the case, you may want to look at ways to legally change your assets and income so that you do qualify.

The VA looks at what type of assistance you need to determine your level of benefits.

These benefits can be over $2,100 a month.  Tax free.

This makes a very significant benefit for those who are truly in need of help.

Do you require assistance in your daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, taking your meds, eating, etc?

All of these items can make a difference in the amount of benefits that you are entitled to receive.

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