VA Aid & Attendance: An Overlooked Benefit That Can Help Many Veterans

VA Aid & Attendance:  An Overlooked Benefit That Can Help Many Veterans

aid & attendanceVeterans are unfortunately not often aware of certain veteran benefits, or even if they are aware of the benefits, they don’t know how to receive the benefits.

In this article I’m specifically talking to you about what is often called “Special Monthly Pension” benefits or “Aid & Attendance” benefits.

This is the non service related benefit that is paid to help veterans or surviving spouses pay for long term care in the home or at an assisted living facility.

It makes sense that our government has provided a number of veteran benefits.

It makes no sense that our government has not done a better job in explaining the Aid & Attendance benefits.

Benefits that can be as much as $25,000 a year for a veteran who is married.

Benefits that are owed but that are not being paid to you or to your spouse or your parents.

And unlike some other government benefits, you can’t get the missed benefits back.

Even if you were eligible 5 years ago to receive the benefits (over $25,000 a year potentially), you can only get the benefits once you apply.

So every month delayed is a month of benefits that will never be received.

So there is an urgency to file your application (properly completed) as soon as possible.

Here are some basic guidelines:

1. Veteran must be permanently and totally disabled or be 65 or older and have at least one day of service while in wartime (World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, etc) or be the surviving spouse of the veteran;
2. Disability does not have to be related to military service;
3. There are income and net worth (asset) requirements that must be examined;
4. Higher benefits are awarded if the veteran is housebound or needs regular “aid and attendance” with the basic functions of life.  These are often called “activities of daily living” — things such as dressing, bathing, getting up and down out of chair, going to the bathroom, etc.

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