VA Aid & Attendance: Why This Benefit Is So Important For Older Veterans

VA Aid & Attendance:  Why This Benefit Is So Important For Older Veterans.

The VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) benefits are available for veterans that qualify.

These benefits (up to $2127 a month) are incredibly important.

These benefits can make the the difference between a veteran staying at home and receiving needed care.

Or being able to stay in an assisted living facility, rather than making that final move to a nursing home.

In  a perfect world getting the care we need would have zero relationship with the amount of money the care costs.

But we live in the real world and even those countries who have tried to make healthcare at little or no cost have failed miserably.

The reality is money matters.

If we have the money, we have choices.

Do we stay at home and get family members or others to care for us?

Do we go to, or stay at, an assisted living facility that provides a protective environment or do we have to go straight from home to a nursing home.  We know what follows a nursing home.

So money does matter.

The costs of even assisted living facilities are very high every month.

Home health can be expensive.

Even just hiring “sitters” to stay with us or our elderly relatives can quickly drain even a lifetime of savings.

So if you, or your family, qualifies for the VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) then it truly can make a huge difference in your life.

It gives the family choices.  Choices give us freedom.

We certainly recommend that you find out if you qualify, and if you don’t qualify now, learn why you don’t qualify.

It has been heartbreaking to tell families that they qualified for $25,000 a year.

Years ago.

And those benefits are gone forever because they did not know about this benefit.

If they aren’t told, how will they know about the benefit?

So find out if you qualify.

Some people will never qualify — others simply need to make some legal changes to your financial situation to be able to qualify.

Either way you will be at peace knowing you are getting whatever benefits you are entitled to in order to give you the best standard of living and freedom that you can have.

Pick up the phone and call us at 205-879-2447 or feel free to fill out our contact form on our website here and we will get with you as soon as possible.

We can have a 20 minute phone call and usually determine pretty quickly if this benefit can help you.

If it can, we will be glad to sit down with you in person or by conference call to create a road map of how to get the benefits you are entitled to receive.

We look forward to chatting with you!

-John G. Watts

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